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          Cmossensors Are In Short Supply!Price Is Rarely Continuous5season Has Not Fallen热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

          Form: Yahoo News 2019/11/20 Browse:198 Keywords: CMOS sensor price

          According to Yahoo News Report,Image sensor for smartphone cameras this season(2019year10to12month)The transaction price has been finalized and will be the same as the previous season.(2019year7-9month)Level,and1300MegapixelCMOS Unit price for image sensor this quarterExpected Will provide the1.7Around the dollar,The price will be consecutive5Season is flat。

            Report pointed out,Electronic component products are reduced in cost due to mass production,The gradual decline in prices is the norm,andCMOSIt is rare that prices remain flat.。


            The reason,Smartphone sales are saturated,But because of the increased number of lenses,DrivenCMOSDemand continues to climb。 CMOSAlthough manufacturers have increased shipments,However, supply is still unable to catch up with the increase in demand.,Resulting in the continued shortage of goods in the market,Out of stock situation will continue until next year,Therefore, it is expected that prices will continue to be flat in the future.。

            Analyst pointed out,expect CMOSImage sensor prices will remain roughly flat next year,Low-pixel products may increase due to out-of-stock prices。

            Japanese investigation companyTechno Systems ResearchPoint out,2023yearCMOSThe global market size of image sensors is expected to expand to approximately86Billion,Will compare2018year(approximately53Billion)increase6to make。


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