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Qualcomm Announced The Launch Of 5g Hotspots This Year To Launch Chips For 5g Phones Next Year.热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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Tencent Technologies News reported that Qualcomm today announced that it is developing the next generation of "flagship mobile chips" for 5G mobile phones. The chip will incorporate Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 modem and an unnamed 7-nanometer chip system solution.

Qualcomm expects the new chip to be available in high-end smartphones "in the first half of 2009", so it plans to launch a mobile hotspot "by the end of 2018" that may use a different chipset.

Although Qualcomm hasn't announced the name of the 5G chip and other information, there have been rumors throughout the summer that Qualcomm will launch Snapdragon 865 chip, and the company somehow decided not to let Snapdragon 855 chip support 5G network. But paradoxically, in early August, a Lenovo executive said it would use Snapdragon 855 chips in the world's first 5G phone.

According to Qualcomm's announcement, although Snapdragon 855 will be used in the early 5G hotspots, 5G smartphones will use its unnamed new chip. This is probably because engineering considerations --- power consumption, heat and non-linear performance --- prompted Qualcomm and most of its customers to opt for new 5G chips.

Motorola announced that it will launch the 5G Moto Mod module. It uses two high pass modems, one support 5G and one support 4G. It will be used in conjunction with the Moto Z3 smart phone and also has its own spare batteries. Because flagship smartphones tend to be light and thin, chip makers may have been studying how to reduce the size of their chips and their energy needs so that they can be installed in smaller devices.

Qualcomm said its unnamed chip is now being tested by a handful of consumers. It predicts that the new chip "will provide a whole new experience with high-end networking devices that can interact with local, energy-efficient artificial intelligence, and have longer battery life and higher performance."

"We are delighted to work with OEMs, operators, infrastructure providers and standards organizations around the world to launch the first 5G mobile hotspots around the world by the end of 2018 and to launch smartphones with our next generation of chips in the first half of 2019." Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm president, said.

Detailed information about the new chip will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2018. Previously, Qualcomm had introduced Snapdragon X50 modems and antenna modules for early 5G devices and planned to offer them to partners around the world. The Snapdragon X50 modem provides data speeds of 5 gigabits per second and a delay time of 1-2 milliseconds, making a significant improvement over the 4G modems currently used in smartphones and devices. (compiler / music study)


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