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      Qualcomm Demanded That Iphone Patent Prove Intel Has Been Dragging On For 2 Months And Renewing Its Promise.热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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      [reporter Zhang Zhiying] according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm recently declared that in its patent battle against apple, Intel was supposed to provide technical documentation and code for the latest radio frequency components used by iPhone in 2018.

      Now, Qualcomm is taking further steps in California to press Intel to give out what agreed to be provided before: a blueprint for Intel's cellular modem used in the Apple's latest smartphone.

      "After many meetings and written exchanges, in May 18th, Intel seems to be willing to cooperate to deliver the design of the iPhone related components in 2018, and to supplement the technical data in a limited way." The federal court of the United States document is said. The Qualcomm Corp also agreed to restrict the scope of its document requirements, so as to accelerate the emergence of mutually agreed solutions.

      "But Intel is back to its original point. Two months later, Intel did not hand over the material. Qualcomm insiders complained that Intel refused to comply with the summons, giving testimony to Chipzilla's current RF hardware.

      The Qualcomm Corp file shows that Intel's reason is that the demand is too tedious, partly because some Qualcomm Corp people want to live abroad to provide testimony, but Qualcomm Corp retorts argue that before the testimony could be obtained through video conferencing, Qualcomm Corp used Qualcomm and Intel in iPhone. Baseband chip group. Except for Qualcomm-based handheld devices, which outperform Chipzilla's modems in performance, other differences are not obvious to users.

      Qualcomm believes Intel should cooperate because it has not disclosed its 2018 RF components, the SMARTi7 RF transceiver and the XMM 7560 baseband processor.

      Even so, Intel may want to flatter Apple by postponing filing until September, when the new iPhone will officially appear.


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