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According to the Market Research Institute IHS Markit research, the global semiconductor market revenue reached 429 billion 100 million US dollars in 2017, which grew by 21.7% compared with 2016, and the annual growth rate has reached a new high of nearly 14 years. Samsung also replaced 53.6% years of Intel (Intel) with 25 growth rate as the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer in 2017.
Among the top 20 semiconductor manufacturers, SK SK Hynix had the largest revenue growth, 81.2% from 2016, and Micron, which grew by 79.7% in 2016. In response, Teevens, analyst at IHS Markit semiconductor supply chain, said strong demand and rising prices were the main reasons for the sharp growth of corporate revenues.
High Qualcomm (Qualcomm) is still the largest IC designer, and memory is the strongest category in the semiconductor industry, growing 60.8% compared with 2016 revenue, of which DRAM grew up to the highest growth rate of 76% in 2017; NAND Flash was the highest growth rate of 46.6%, creating the highest revenue for these two IC memories for nearly 10 years. Growth rate. The main reason for revenue growth comes from tight supply and demand and rising prices.
IHS Markit memory and storage senior director Craig Stice said that NAND memory technology developed from 2D NAND to 3D NAND, making the market imbalance in supply and demand in 2017, which also led to a rise in the price of NAND memory. However, in 2018, 3D NAND has reached nearly 3/4 of the total production ratio, which is expected to ease the shortage of supply and demand in the SSD and action devices market, which will still be a record year of NADA revenue in 2018, although prices may fall sharply with it.
The semiconductor industry, which does not include storage, has a growth rate of 9.9% in 2017, driven mainly by the growth of entity sales and strong demand from various regions, technology and applications. It is also noteworthy that the semiconductor used in data processing has grown by 33.4% by the end of 2017, and Intel is the leading semiconductor market, which is almost two times the sales of Samsung.


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