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          Iphone Uses Power Chip To Transfer Dialog Back To Head热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

          Form: laoyaoba.com 2018/3/6 Browse:2810 Keywords: Apple Chip Product Development iPhone Company partner Design Program Semiconductor Patent Panel IC Microelectronics Semiconductor ICs Mobile phone

          New Development of Apple Power Management Chip Layout. Foreign media reports, chip maker Dialog pointed out that in 2019 to 2020, Apple will extensive use of Dialog's power management chip, is expected to submit the test chip in the second half.

          Quoting German media, Reuters quoted Jalal Bagherli, chief executive of power management chip maker Dialog, as saying that Apple will make extensive use of Dialog chip products from 2019 to 2020. However, the report did not disclose further details.

          Barghry pointed out that the relevant negotiations are still ongoing negotiations, is expected to be submitted for testing chips later this year.

          Foreign media previously pointed out that Apple is Dialog's largest customer, accounting for more than 5% of the overall sales. Dialog supplies Apple Power Management Chip (PMIC) products.

          Reuters reported in December last year, Apple may develop its own power management chip used in the iPhone. The report said Dialog said there is no risk to the company's supply contract in 2018 and that Dialog is also partnering with major customers to develop the 2019 product, planning a contract to be signed in March of this year and pointing out that there are no key changes in the relationship with Apple.

          Previous Nikkei Asian Review quoted industry sources, Apple is designing its own power management chip, the fastest chance of being used in the iPhone this year.

          Report speculation, Apple plans to replace the initial part of the proportion of suppliers in the power management chip, estimated this year, Apple plans to about half the proportion of self-developed power management chip used in its own iPhone products.

          Apple actively layout of semiconductor chips. Nikkei Asia Review quoted industry sources recently, Apple actively expand semiconductor patents, may also be developing their own modem chip (modem chip), but also towards the development and integration of touch, fingerprint recognition, and display panel driver IC integrated functions chip.


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