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      Former Ceo Of Qualcomm: Qualcomm's Problems Keep Coming Up And Will Not Give Up Its Privatization热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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       Sina Technologies News Beijing time, November 29, morning news, according to Bloomberg News, had been dismissed from the chairman of Qualcomm Paul·In an interview Wednesday, Paul Jacobs again mentioned that he still intends to privatize the company.

        Jacobs talked about the possibility of Qualcomm's privatization. In an interview, he said he had been observing Qualcomm's developments and pointed out that the company was facing legal problems, which caused its share price to fall. The company's earnings have also been under pressure, and after the recent stock repurchase, the company's cash has become less and less.

        Jacobs, the son of the company's founder and former CEO, left Qualcomm after it failed to make a malicious attempt to acquire Qualcomm. The deal exposed investors'frustration at Qualcomm's management and the company's inability to address issues such as weak earnings. Jacobs also said Wednesday that he was shocked by the trading results of Bloom Qualcomm.

        Jacobs also argues that Qualcomm no longer emphasizes the development of new technologies, leading to other companies such as Huawei, Samsung and even his own new company XCOM gradually coming to the fore. XCOM is currently aiming to develop future wireless technologies, with partners including Facebook and Brain Corp. Jacobs said XCOM could be involved in Qualcomm's privatization in the future because XCOM could serve as a research and development department for larger companies.


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