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        Renesas Electronics Corporation(TSE:6723)Announced today,to2019year3month30Completed the acquisitionIntegrated Device Technology, Inc.(original“IDT”)Complete integration in the U.S.,from2020year1month1Since,Started operations as Renesas Electronics USA。

        Renesas Electronics Representative Director、President and CEO Hideyoshi Shibata said:“In the rapidly changing global semiconductor market,Renesas Electronics as World's Leading Embedded Solution Provider,Efforts to expand analog product lineup,To further strengthen the convergence frontierMCU、SoCAnd analog product kit solutions。In integrationIDTDriven by,Renesas is further accelerating its business development strategy,Expand market share in fast-growing data economy-related markets such as infrastructure and data centers,And increase influence in the industrial and automotive sectors。versusIDTSeamless integration will further accelerate the development of synergies between digital and analog products,Competitive value-added solutions for deeper and broader customers,And open up new markets。”


        Executive Vice President, Renesas Electronics、Head of Internet of Things and Infrastructure Business Division and President of Renesas Electronics USASailesh ChittipeddiExpress:“Just nine months after completion of the acquisition,We have launched nearly100Successful product portfolio,Comprehensive integration Renesas Electronic and IDTComplementary products,The synergy effect after the integration of the two parties is steadily realized。right now,Both parties have completed integration on name and entity,Gives us full ability to provide our customers with a wider range of high value-added solutions。”

        After the merger of U.S. corporate entities,All originalIDTU.S. outlets are officially renamed Renesas。Renesas will continue to integrate Asia and EuropeIDTSubsidiary company,Up to2020Second half of the year,All originalIDTSubsidiary will be renamed“renesas”,To accelerate the organic growth of corporate groups。

        from2020year1Month,originalIDTProduct brand also changed to Renesas(Excludes products that are currently in mass production or development,And its derivatives or products with minor changes based on existing products)。


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