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Winning The Glory For Ni Guangnan, A Domestic Autonomous Processor: Huawei Unicorn Is Superior To Qualcomm.热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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As the present domestic independent processor representative, the kylin processor under the HUAWEI Hester's flag has become a clear banner. Its ten years' attitude of grinding one sword has achieved today's achievement. On the independent chip, it is really necessary to endure loneliness and loss.

At the summit of the twenty-second China International Software Expo, Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, gave an example of ZTE as an example to emphasize the importance of autonomous control. The independent operating system, chip and so on need the efforts of domestic enterprises to develop.

Talking about the homemade mobile processor, Ni Guangnan said that the HUAWEI Hass chip can be compared to high Qualcomm, especially the Kirin processor on the mobile phone, which is comparable to Qualcomm.

For such a situation, Ni Guangnan stressed that HUAWEI has been doing chips for many years and has accumulated a certain amount, so it can be done, and the mobile chip is more complex, not to say that it is done in one or two years. In addition to sticking to strong investment, HUAWEI's biggest advantage over Qualcomm is that they do their own mobile phones, which is why the Kirin processor is unlikely to be widely spread.

Ni Guangnan said, HUAWEI mobile phone, in essence with the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have a competitive relationship, plus HUAWEI business is more extensive, the chip itself to use, other mobile phone manufacturers may feel that the HUAWEI chip has a little loss. So from this point of view, Qualcomm provides a whole set of solutions, enabling domestic mobile phone manufacturers to use it safely.

At the end of the day, Ni Guangnan replied that the gap between China and foreign countries on the chip is specific, that is, the difference between the general digital chip and the design chip is not much, in some special chips, the more complex chips, which may have not been done before, and there is a gap, which is in the design, and the gap in manufacturing is much larger. That's right.


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