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        G310, Science and Technology Capital, 668 Beijing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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        Enterprise introduction:

        Shanghai Dugang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional agent and distributor of world famous electronic components. Products are widely used in civil, industrial, military and other electronic products.

        With the development of electronic technology and equipment to light, thin, short, small, micro-intelligent direction, the world has triggered another new reform of electronic assembly technology (SMD IC)!! With first-class quality and service, it is deeply trusted and supported by manufacturers and distributors.

        The company has always adhered to the development concept and purpose of "quality first, reasonable price, fast delivery, service supremacy and customer cohesion", providing the most satisfactory service to the enterprise as its duty, providing standardized, specialized, diversified and all-round high-quality service to the enterprise through a strong market service network system, sincerely welcoming to discuss cooperation, seek common development and establish a long-term. Cooperation! At the same time, we hope to have extensive exchanges and cooperation with our counterparts in the electronic industry and make due contributions to the prosperity and development of the industry together.

        Main business scope:

        DCDC, LDO, interface circuit, communication circuit, optocoupler, op-amp circuit, logic circuit, MCU, MOS tube Switching Mode Power Supply

        Major service industries:

        Inverter Industry, Elevator Industry, Instrument Industry, Electric Vehicle Industry, Security Industry

        Major brands:


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