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              MOUSER's New Product Recommendation The World's First Distributor To Introduce New Products热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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                    A well-known distributor in the industry that is committed to the rapid introduction of new products and technologies. (Mouser Electronics),The first task is to provide800New products and technologies from many well-known manufacturers,Help customers design advanced products,And speed up the time to market。

                last month,Trader has released more than384New product,These products can be shipped the same day。

                Some of the products introduced by Traders last month include:

                Amphenol RF 12G MCXConnector

                Amphenol RF 12G MCXConnector size is very small,With up to12GbpsData rate,Able to transmit4KUncompressed high-resolution video signals such as Ultra HD,Ideal for broadcast modules and video routers。


                Analog Devices LTM4668A Four channelsDC/DC μModuleStabilizer

                Analog Devices LTM4668AFour channelsDC/DCBuck typeμModuleStabilizer,Each output is available1.2ADC current。Output can form a parallel array,To achieve up to4.8ACurrent supply capability。

                Renesas Electronics RX65N Wi-FiCloud connection kit

                Renesas RX65N Wi-FiCloud connection kit is availableRX65NMicrocontroller connected toAmazon Web Services (AWS)。This kit containsWi-FiCommunication module、temperature/Humidity Sensor、Optical sensor、3Axis accelerometer and twoUSBport。

                ams AS7026GGbiological sensor

                ams AS7026GGBiosensor based on photoplethysmography (PPG)And electrocardiogram (ECG) Smart health and fitness solutions,Heart rate measurement (HRM) And heart rate changes (HRV) Ideal for applications。

                Moser Electronics has a rich product line and caring customer service,Actively introduce new technologies、New products to meet the needs of design engineers and procurement staff。We have a large number of new electronic components in stock,Supporting customers' next-generation design projects。MouserwebsiteMouser.cnMore than one advanced search tool to help users quickly understand product availability,And the site is constantly updated to continuously optimize the user experience.。In addition,MouserThe website also provides a data sheet、Vendor-specific reference design、Application Note、Rich information such as technical design information and engineering tools for users' reference。


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