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      In recent years, China's semiconductor manufacturing materials  technology and product quality has made great strides, especially in the  02 special key support and the national IC investment funds and support  IC industry preferential policies, driven by industrial development is  ever-changing.

      CMP  polishing liquid, basically can learn from each other and foreign  companies shortcomings, some products, such as copper and barrier slurry  and foreign products of similar levels, have been further developed and  made a breakthrough. Sputtering  targets, from the target species to the target application, are able to  meet the needs of mainstream IC manufacturing, among the world's  leading supplier of sputtering target point just around the corner. In  terms of ultra-high purity electronic special gas, the technical level  of etching gas is basically the same as that of the world. Some domestic  products still occupy the mainstream status and even occupy a certain  share in the world such as ion source for ion implantation, ultra-high  purity phosphine, arsenic Alkane has solved the problem of self-supporting domestic. Chemicals, in the early breakthrough, many large chemical companies to  the field of electronic chemicals, many professional electronic  chemicals companies listed one after another, these companies grow up,  the technology will be a breakthrough.

      Although the domestic semiconductor materials enterprises have made  great strides in the past two years, there is still a long way to go  before they can enter the downstream OEM system. To shorten the  distance, it takes a multi-pronged approach.

      On  the one hand, semiconductor manufacturers should be aware of the  importance of establishing a stable local supply chain system to the  development of enterprises and not to form a localized supply chain. No  matter whether the manufacturing of integrated circuits is safe or  future technological upgrading will be uncontrollable status. On  the other hand, the future development of semiconductor technology,  manufacturing technology and materials companies must jointly overcome  the crisis, in many cases, material technology breakthroughs in  semiconductor manufacturing process to bring new possibilities. The  improvement of supply capacity, technical level and management level of  domestic IC manufacturing materials is not only a problem of material  enterprises themselves, but also an interaction between upstream and  downstream of the industry chain. Only when downstream users give  opportunities, the upstream material enterprises are likely to grow. Therefore, the domestic integrated circuit policies and projects  should encourage upstream and downstream enterprises to work more  closely and cooperate with each other to create a healthy semiconductor  manufacturing environment.

      In  order to avoid the reset of production capacity of similar products  among domestic silicon materials, industrial chemicals and special  electronic gases, the so-called homogeneity competition starts with  market-oriented guidance. Second,  the strategic alliance of IC technology innovation in the industry of  integrated circuit materials and components is also being attempted, so  that the enterprises in the industry can sit and communicate with each  other on a regular basis and promptly release the guiding information so  that the enterprises in the alliance can fully understand the level of  product supply and demand in the field of semiconductor materials and  understand the competition Situation, assess their own development.

      The  material of integrated circuit is the highest technical content of all  the materials and also the most difficult to overcome. At this stage, it  also needs the support of national policies. This policy should be  targeted and should aim precisely at the supply chains in the upstream  and downstream of the integrated circuit industry Weaknesses in the tax support, such as R & D funds can tax credit or tax returns.


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