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        Chip Resistors Have Risen In Price, And The Average Safety Stock Is Less Than 30 Days热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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        Set  micro-channel news, Taiwan's chip resistance manufacturers continue to  blow up the price of wind, Chihli's New Chi Mong branch announcement, on  the 5th raised some 25% of the unit price of thick film resistors;  Giant Group this year has 2 raised the chip resistance Price;  Guangjie Wuxi Tai Ming Electronics has also announced a thick-film  resistor price adjustment, part of the package resistance based on the  previous price increase of 15%.

        Market  participants said that the current automotive electronics, industrial  specifications and other applications chip resistance in short supply,  the average security inventory days have been less than 30 days.

        In  addition, the low rework rate of operators in the Chinese mainland  after the Spring Festival of the Chinese mainland affected the  manufacturing capacity of chip resistance plants in mainland China. It  is expected that in the first quarter, the chip resistance manufacturers  will have an operating rate of about 70% to 80% in mainland China. A  relative reduction, coupled with the consumer electronics terminal  demand continues to rise, the manufacturer chip resistance safety stocks  continued to decline in the number of days, the chip resistor supply  situation tighter.

        Market participants said that  the number of days of specific chip resistors safety stock has dropped  to 35 days to 36 days, out of stock conditions may continue into the  second quarter.


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