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Innovative Applications Will Emerge From Intel: 5g Commercialization Sprint Begins热竞技app,热竞技客户端下载,热竞技手机版

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After the 5G SA standard is set, it means that 5G commercialization will enter a completely new stage. Asha Keddy, Intel (Intel) technology and systems architecture and vice president of user services, said that, with the advent of the 5G SA specification, real innovation has just begun, and the future wireless industry will have more measures to advance the development of 5G, the pace of business from walking into jogging, running, to the beginning of the full sprint.

Keddy points out that 5G will integrate wireless communications, computing and cloud computing to achieve a fully interconnected society and create more business and financial opportunities. A unified standard is essential for the development of 5G, which will enable the industry to design prototypes, build and test 5G wafers and infrastructure, and promote future evolution based on the final standard specification. And 5G NR provides a guarantee for the development of 5G technology in the industry, making the original 4G infrastructure smooth transition to 5G, and the 5G SA standard is really good, so that the 5G deployment can be carried out without the need for 4G infrastructure.

Keddy believes that after the 5G SA specification is defined, real innovation will begin, and the industry will promote the commercial development of 5G more quickly, and Intel continues to provide the necessary technology to cooperate with operators and manufacturers around the world to promote global cooperation in testing and implementing standard technology to achieve flexibility, agility and flexibility. The 5G experience of the virtualized architecture.

As in early 2018, Intel worked with HUAWEI to show 5G interoperability testing and 5G NSA based development testing (IODT), or hand in hand to the 5G 3.5GHz multi vendor interoperability test in Beijing with Ericsson and the China Ministry of industry and technology, and cooperate with purple light to develop 5G smart phone platform for the Chinese market to cooperate with the future 5G The deployment of the network and so on.

On the other hand, in order to speed up the commercial development of 5G, Intel has also launched a new 5G network facility reference design to enable CoSP to quickly deploy new services. This network facility reference design is like a blueprint that allows communication services providers to quickly deploy software definitions, support clouds, and agile 5G ready networks to support virtual, augmented reality, and broad use of smart retail, industrial automation, Internet of things, and cloud games, and quickly start the edge. The development of computing and related services, and shortening the time to market.


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