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      2. Huaying's Emergency Punishment Was Rejected. Today, It Will Lodge A Protest In Accordance With The Law.

        Form:爱集微 2019/1/2Browse:1801

        Huaying's application for emergency punishment was rejected and will lodge a protest in accordance with the law today. As early as the evening of December 28 last year, news came out that Huaying's application for emerge

      3. Asic Design Factory Zhiyuan Has Continuously Strengthened Its Cooperation With Samsung To Enter The 7-nanometer Market This Year.

        Form:爱集微 2019/1/2Browse:3761

        ASIC design factory Zhiyuan started cooperation with Samsung in advanced process projects last year. At that time, Zhiyuan had orders for high-end processes. For the two sides'cooperation, the insiders believed that they

      4. Is There A Bill Of Lading In The Trade War? Netcom Megahertz: Q1 Will Be Clear Next Year

        Form:芯科技 2018/12/29Browse:3847

        Although the trade war has entered a 90-day negotiation period, manufacturers are still conservative, and the news of supplier relocation capacity and brand manufacturer's re-order is also frequent. Netcom Mill Megahertz

      5. Jinbao Beneficiary Trade War Continues To Expand Southeast Asia Production Base Next Year

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/29Browse:4905

        Jin Bao, an electronics manufacturer owned by Jinrenbao Group, held a financial report on August 28. As the group's distribution in Southeast Asia has lasted for more than 20 years, with Sino-US trade disputes adding var

      6. Korea Antitrust Agency: Samsung Has Lifted Its Cross-shareholding Structure And Improved Corporate Governance

        Form:凤凰网科技 2018/12/29Browse:3143

        Phoenix Technological News, Beijing Time, Dec. 28, South Korea's anti-monopoly agency said on Friday that large Korean companies, including Samsung Group, had cut off cross-shareholding links and improved transparency in

      7. Mediatek Looks At The Smartphone Market Conservatively Next Year. P90 Has Sent Samples To Many Mobile Phone Manufacturers.

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/28Browse:2678

        This year, the global smartphone market continues to be depressed. MediaTek admits that it will be conservative next year, but is confident about the effectiveness of the new P90. It has sent samples to many mobile phone

      8. Hon Hai Will Invest $356 Million In Indian Factories For The Iphone Project

        Form:腾讯科技 2018/12/28Browse:3769

        According to foreign media reports, according to a person familiar with the matter, Apple will assemble high-end iPhones in India through Hon Hai as early as 2019 and plan to invest 356 million US dollars in Indian facto

      9. The Spring Of 5g Is Coming. The Winter Of Qualcomm Stock Is Coming To An End.

        Form:中文投资网 2018/12/28Browse:2728

        Qualcomm (QCOM) has experienced years of stagnation in growth. Stock prices remain volatile for a long time because short-term optimism always ends in disappointment.   Qualcomm's decline may soon be over. Qualcomm wil

      10. Intel's $5 Billion Plant Expansion Plan Is Subsidized By Israel By Nearly $200 Million

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/26Browse:3678

        As early as May this year, Intel announced plans to expand its factories in Israel and submitted applications. Today, the Israeli government agreed to give 700 million shekels of government subsidies to Intel's proposed

      11. Taiwan Construction Enterprises Benefit From The Expansion Of Tsmc Production

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/26Browse:4827

        Jiwei news, wafer generation plant TSMC actively expand production, Daxin project operation benefits, this year received more than 5 billion orders from TSMC. Dagong not only received the new construction projects of pha

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