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        Hon Hai's Sharp issued a press release on the 25th, denying construction in Zhuhai, mainland China.“Semiconductor Manufacturing Base”News rumors. However, Yang Shengfan, former director of Tuoqi Industry Research Institute, believes that AI, 8K, 5G and so on, which Hon Hai Group is going to sprint, are closely related to semiconductors, and it is still necessary for Hon Hai Group to sprint into the field of semiconductors.

        Sharp said it was not true that Hon Hai Precision Industries Co., Ltd. and Sharp had entered the final adjustment stage with the local government, and the company was not the source of the news. Foreign cables report that Hon Hai and Sharp will invest $9 billion to set up a 12-inch plant in Zhuhai, China.

        Yang Shengfan said that Guo Taiming, chairman of Hon Hai, had emphasized that industrial Internet needs a large number of wafers, and that the mainland of China imports more than $40 billion of wafer products a year, so Hon Hai will certainly enter the semiconductor field. Yang Shengfan said that if Hon Hai wants to set up a semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant, it must have enough product demand to meet the production capacity of wafer manufacturing. If the quantity is not large, it will only be a large and inappropriate production line for Hon Hai.

        He pointed out that Hon Hai had signed a cooperation agreement with Zhuhai Municipal Government in August to cooperate in semiconductor design services, equipment and chip design, but the agreement at that time did not include semiconductor manufacturing.

        Yang Shengfan believes that Hon Hai's follow-up growth momentum will be reduced, because Apple does not have too many new products. On the contrary, semiconductor is a growing industry, especially wafer manufacturing. The growth rate is higher than IC design and wafer packaging.

        Yang Shengfan said that Hon Hai will continue to strengthen the layout of IC design, whether by internal subsidiaries or cooperation with external companies, to strengthen the semiconductor strength of Hon Hai Group in AI, 8K, 5G, etc., and finally set up a wafer factory, which will naturally come to fruition.


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