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Microsoft News reported that the company's common stock buyback plan was disclosed in the press release.“buy-back program”Details. The shareholders' resolution and the board of supervisors approved the buyback plan in May 31, 2018.

Italian Semiconductor (Business Registration Number: 33194537) (Corporate Identification Number: 213800Z8NOHIKRI42W10) (Stock Code:“STM”) announced from November 12, 2018 to November 16, 2018.“Period”In the regulatory market of the Pan-European Stock Exchange in Paris, 1,133,497 common shares (0.1% of the company's issued capital) were repurchased at a weighted average price of 13.2838 euros per share (commissioned broker), with a total price of 13,972,142.17 euros.

The following table is a summary of repurchase transactions related to STM common stock (ISIN International Securities Identification Code: NL0000226223) during the period.

After the share repurchase disclosed above, the company holds 10,855,346 stock in stock, accounting for about 1.2% of the company's issued shares.


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