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  11month12day,SMIC announcedQ3Financial report,Third quarter revenue8.165One hundred million U.S. dollars,And the same period last year8.507A slight decline in the US dollar,And the second quarter of this year7.909Billion dollars increase compared to3.2%;Its gross profit decreased slightly compared with last year.,But the ring growth12.3%。

  It can be seen that SMIC’s development momentum is on the rise this year.,Overseas financial institutions also hold positive views on their development。


  According to Sina Finance Report,Goldman Sachs announced today that it will raise SMIC's future performance expectations,will2020year、2021Annual profit forecast is improved67%、29%to1.89Billion dollars and2.52One hundred million U.S. dollars。Goldman Sachs will also be from SMIC2019、2020、2021Revenue increased to31.19Billion、36.72Billion、42.07One hundred million U.S. dollars,Increased compared to before2%、1%、1%。

  Other than this,Goldman Sachs will target SMIC’s share price from11.5Hong Kong dollar raised to12.8Hong Kong dollar,And reiterate“Buy”Rating。

  As for why Goldman Sachs is optimistic about SMIC,Goldman Sachs said SMIC14nm、12nmCraft and futureN+1generationFinFETProcess progress is stable,Next year's growth is also stronger,Market demand for mature process technology will also grow。

  SMIC has previously stated14nm FinFETHas entered the stage of customer risk production,Expected to be2021Large-scale shipment;12nmProcess has entered the customer import phase,It is expected that some customers will be streamed at the end of the year.。Believe that stable production status will bring higher operating income to SMIC。

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